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Office Address: Rm1406,Bldg A,CIMC,Keneng Road,Dongkeng Community, Fenghuang Street,Guangming District, Shenzhen Guangdong,China,518000


Factory Address:,#1-6 Shengtai Rd,Xingguang Village,Huangjiang Town,Dongguan,China


Product Structure Engineer

job description

1. Responsible for the analysis of product structure and materials

2. Develop structural design standards, process and material universal design to standardize the overall design, reduce design complexity and cost.

3. Responsible for structural design problems in R&D and production, and coordinate with suppliers, procurement, quality personnel and other related departments to quickly locate and quickly solve the program.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical design, mechatronics, etc.

2. Familiar with the product structure development process,

3. Familiar with various mechanical structures, materials, processes, tolerances, assembly principles, design standards, etc.; understand mold design and manufacturing, be able to combine design and manufacturing, and comprehensively consider design sense, machinability, cost, etc.

4. Have good logical communication skills, teamwork and innovative spirit.

Motor Drive Software Engineer

1. Position overview

The core technicians of the start-up team are responsible for the hardware design of the BLDC motor drive. They have entrepreneurial and hardworking spirit and are willing to jump out of their comfort zone to pursue higher life goals.

2. Job responsibilities

Write demand specifications according to customer needs;

Device selection, overall plan formulation, specific circuit design, BOM export, PCB design, prototype production and testing, safety regulations and EMC certification, etc.;

Conversion guidance;

Failure analysis

Product improvement;

Other product related matters;

3. Job requirements

Electronics, communications, automation and other related or similar majors;

College degree or above;

More than 3 years of work experience;

At least two years of BLDC motor driver or inverter hardware design experience;


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Factory Address:,#1-6 Shengtai Rd,Xingguang Village,Huangjiang Town,Dongguan,China

TEL :+86 755 2106 2045




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Office Address: Rm1406,Bldg A,CIMC,Keneng Road,Dongkeng Community, Fenghuang Street,Guangming District, Shenzhen Guangdong,China,518000
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