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You need an automatic soap dispenser in your life

With the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent products continue to appear in our vision, automatic soap dispenser is one of them. What is the automatic soap dispenser? Automatic soap dispenser is also called soap dispenser. Through the induction automatic liquid dispenser, you only need to reach out your hand, and the induction head will automatically open the switch to spray out soap or other liquid. It is widely used in public places to avoid contact.


In fact, it is relatively simple, automatic soap dispenser built-in sensors, deceleration mechanism and piston and other devices. And pyroelectric sensor with a lens tube, when sensing hand soap can borrow at the given position, the change of the sensor will be induced to the human body outside the red line and generate a new number, the signal through the electronic circuit amplification, comparison, generates a signal switch, switch signal driven retarding mechanism driven by dc motor rotation, through the connecting rod to push the pump head retarding mechanism, out of soap.

Automatic soap dispenser has other functions besides automatic discharge function. For example, Fengjie's 1406-T can sense human body temperature in real time.

图层 9.png

What are the advantages of automatic soap dispenser? Automatic soap dispenser can automatically and quickly discharge liquid, clean and no residue. The appearance of the soap dispenser is exquisite and compact, simple and beautiful, with built-in alkaline battery and strong battery life. Besides, like the automatic soap dispenser of Feng Jai, it also supports DC direct charging function. In addition to hand sanitizer, soap dispensers can be filled with three different liquids, such as foam and alcohol. However, most of the soap dispensers on the market only support one kind of liquid, but Fengjie soap dispensers only need to replace the pump head to support other liquids, which can greatly save costs.

If you want to know more about soap dispenser, please pay attention to Fengjie sanitary ware to bring you the best service.

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