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Proper use of soap dispensers

1. If this is your first time using the soap dispenser, it is recommended that you first add some water into the soap dispenser to drain the vacuum inside the machine, and then add the soap. In the first use of the soap dispenser, we may find that the bottle and the pump head still have some water, you do not have to worry, this is not the quality of the product itself is just left when the test. This also happens less frequently.

图层 12.png

2. 2. If you are using a machine that has been idle for a period of time, there may be a problem with the soap liquid, which has coagulated. To solve the problem is also relatively simple, if the amount is small, just add a little warm water and stir until the congealing soap liquefies to a liquid. If this does not work, add warm water and re-use the soap dispenser until the water runs dry.

3. 3. In the process of using soap liquid, we should pay attention to whether there are sundries, such as dust, inside the soap dispenser or the liquid outlet. Because there are sundries that will affect the liquid, we should pay more attention to the soap dispenser cleaning problem. Discover sundries should be cleaned up in time.

4. When we put the soap in, we should pay attention to the viscosity of the soap, because if the soap is too thick, the liquid can not be discharged normally. At this time, we only need to add a little water to stir, dilute the original liquid can be normal liquid.

 图层 11.png

These are the correct use of the soap dispenser, there are also some explanations of the problem of no liquid, if it helps you, you can pay attention to the Feng Jie bathroom, escort for your health.

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